Excerpt from ‘Inland’ a video triptych based on our research trip in 2009

One year Performance
‘Longing – Fast Forward’ is a long-term art project with the people living on the edge of the Greenland inland-ice. Intense climatic and political change manifest in everyday life and increasing human activity reverberates in the vast landscapes surrounding a small settlement, Kullorsuaq. Here we will measure the velocity of human activity as a phenomenon directly related to global warming.

Fast Forward
From May 2011 we will set up an automated research station, monitoring 360°, throughout the circle of one year. Based on performative experiments with local participants and structural collection of video and sound, the recordings will shape an audio-visual installation, proving the current inner / human and outer / environmental change of pace.

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Living the Facts
With an artistic research station we wish to contribute with a poetic and qualitative expression in the current discourse on global warming, seen from a personal, local perspective. The arctic environment functions as a magnifying glass, attempting to understand natural processes on a global scale. Here, the fluctuations of the ozone layer and the historical framework for measuring the global effect of climatic change emerged. During the last decades numerous scientific research stations have monitored the quantifiable parameters of these changes outside Kullorsuaq. Paradoxically the people living there seem to be absent from the resulting discourse.

By installing a performative research station in the local landscape, we also wish to reflect on the scientific tradition of isolated data collection as a method of extracting truth from a complex reality. By applying the form of a research station, we attempt to juxtapose the objectiveness of science with the experiences of the local population.